Transforming Waste Management for a Sustainable Future

Committed to providing innovative, eco-friendly solutions for stocklot and scrap paper and plastic recycling across the globe.

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About us

Our Journey

In 1999, Murad Abdullah laid the foundation of Plus Materials with a vision to transform the recycling and waste management industry. Starting from a modest space in Savannah, Georgia, and trading in just a few plastic grades, our dedication and expertise led to rapid growth. By 2008, we were trading in a wide range of paper and plastic stocklot grades from our headquarters in Duluth, Georgia. Today, we have expanded even further, encompassing almost all stocklot and scrap paper and plastic grades. With warehouses in Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, California, Virgnia and Ontario, we’re positioned to provide excellent service across North America.

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Our Impact

Over the years, Plus Materials has become one of the nation's largest exporters of stocklot and scrap paper and plastic. We have built strong partnerships with customers across 27 countries, providing them with sustainable solutions to their waste challenges. Our philosophy revolves around zero waste and zero headaches for our clients, ensuring that we create a positive impact on the environment and their businesses.

Our Expertise

At Plus Materials, we pride ourselves on our strong global reach and diversified product knowledge. By leveraging these strengths, we offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service across a comprehensive range of grades. Our expertise in recycling and waste management ensures that we provide our clients with the most effective and sustainable solutions for their unique needs.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility drives us to continually innovate and expand our services. We strive to stay at the forefront of the recycling and waste management industry, ensuring that our clients receive the best solutions for their businesses. By choosing Plus Materials as your partner, you can trust that you are working with a company that is dedicated to creating a greener future for all.

The Driving Force Behind Sustainable Waste Solutions

Our Team

Murad Abdullah
Director & Founder

As the visionary Director and Founder of Plus Materials, Murad Abdullah leads the company with a passion for sustainability and innovation in waste management.

Zoeb Abdulla
VP Business Development

As VP of Business Development, Zoeb Abdulla drives growth and expansion at Plus Materials, leveraging his strong industry connections and strategic mindset.

Ali Abdullah
International Commodities Trader

An experienced International Commodities Trader, Ali Abdullah expertly navigates the global market to secure the best deals for Plus Materials' clients.

Saundra Mitchell
International Commodities Trader

Saundra Mitchell, as an International Commodities Trader, utilizes her extensive knowledge of global commodities markets to secure optimal deals for Plus Materials' clients.

Zubair Abdulla
International Commodities Trader

Zubair Abdulla, an International Commodities Trader who has a background in RF Microwave Engineering and a PhD in Astrophysics, uses his unique perspective to specialize in buying and selling post-industrial waste grades in paper and plastic, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all clients' needs.

Wiqar Abbas
Director of Operations

Wiqar Abbas, as Director of Operations, works tirelessly to ensure Plus Materials' operations run smoothly, optimizing processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Sameera Khatri
Export Documentation Lead

Sameera Khatri, as Export Documentation Lead, ensures smooth and compliant documentation processes for Plus Materials' global export operations.

Shaneen Bhayani
Financial Controller

As Financial Controller at Plus Materials, Shaneen Bhayani employs her financial acumen to maintain and improve the company's financial health and stability.

Sumera Kajani
Logistics Manager

As a Logistics Manager, Sumera Kajani oversees supply chain operations at Plus Materials, ensuring that every process from production to delivery runs smoothly and efficiently.

Rita Chagani
Logistics Manager

Rita Chagani, a seasoned Logistics Manager, efficiently manages the flow of goods from origin to destination, ensuring smooth operations at Plus Materials.

Our Locations

Strategically Positioned for Optimal Service and Environmental Impact

Warehouse Locations

Atlanta, Georgia USA *
Chicago, Illinois USA
Houston, Texas USA
Newark, New Jersey USA
Oakland, California USA
Richmond, Virgina USA
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Savannah, Georgia USA
* Central Processing Warehouse

Corporate Office

3100 Breckinridge Boulevard, Suite 175
Duluth, Georgia 30096 USA
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