Creative Solutions
For Excess Polymers and Fibers


Plus Materials provides successful solutions for rejects and excess waste of all polymers, fibers and nonwoven material. Our services include the marketing of excess and secondary material, recycling and recovery of by-products and scrap and set up of efficient recovery and removal programs which provide high value returns to our clients.

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Plus Materials is one of the largest exporters of off-grade and secondary fibers and polymers. We have gradually built our logistics operations and established a global distribution network over the past decade. Our offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and our warehouse facilities are spread across the United States, from South Carolina to Illinois. Plus Materials has a strong customer base across more than 16 countries worldwide. This global presence and extensive reach has penetrated a variety of markets, and our logistical expertise allows us to provide effective and prompt pick up services in the United States and Canada.

Services That Provide High
Value Returns to Our Clients

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In addition Plus Materials offers expertise in all clean outs, salvage and liquidation of your materials and equipment. We have a dedicated team of professionals who possess a successful combination of experience and accountability, and they are determined to deliver results.

We Purchase a Wide Variety
of Materials and Products:

  • Polymer films and Scrap
  • Paper and Paperboard
  • Nonwoven and Synthetic Fibers
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